Local gastronomic specialities of the city of Pau

May 15, 2022
Local gastronomic specialities Hotel Bristol Pau

Discover the culinary secrets of Pau

In the heart of Béarn, an unspoilt area of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Hôtel Bristol Pau takes you on a journey of discovery of its gustatory heritage. Here, nature is generous and specialities are abundant.

It is above all the finesse of our products that makes our region one of the most appreciated by gourmets. Who doesn't know the famous Bayonne Ham, the result of a historic know-how, or our powerful Espelette chilli pepper, nicknamed the red gold.

Discovering the Pyrénées-Atlantiques is also an opportunity to appreciate our foie gras, a regional and national institution.

But Béarn is also home to emblematic dishes such as the garbure béarnaise. Made from duck, pork and vegetables, this long simmered dish was originally prepared in winter by the Pyrenean farmers. Today, this exceptional dish can be prepared to be enjoyed all year round and even has its own world championship.

Another culinary speciality of the city of Pau is the poule au pot. This dish, made from a hen cooked in a vegetable broth, appeared under Henry IV who democratised it as a French national dish. It is still a dish regularly eaten by the people of Pau.

After the region's savoury specialities, let's move on to the sweets of Béarn. The spit cake is a perfect representation of this: cooked slowly over an open fire, a vanilla preparation is poured over it until the pastry takes the shape of a fir tree.

Another popular dessert in Pau is "le russe". This soft and delicious cake takes its name from the almonds that were imported from the Crimea.

To taste all these specialities, the gourmet route of the Basques will take you, for a few hours, to discover the local gastronomy, all in breathtaking landscapes.  

Traditional cheeses from Pau

Are you a gourmet? Do you like cheese? Béarn, a land of tradition, will meet all your expectations. This strong and well-established culture permeates its local products and gives them a unique character. The Hotel Bristol Pau takes you on a gastronomic escapade in this Land of plenty.

Located between the Béarn and the Basque Country, come and discover a simple and authentic terroir in a small family farm. The Erbin brothers have handed down their know-how from generation to generation.

In a calm and serene green setting, they raise ewes to produce Ossau-Iraty PDO farmhouse sheep's cheese. With the help of their parents, they transform the entire milk production into cheese.

The production is varied and entirely farm-based: suckling lamb, veal raised under the mother's care, Ossau-Iraty PDO ewe's milk cheese, Ossau-Iraty PDO summer cheese, Kintoa pigs and sunflower oil.

Located in the Aspe valley, the Ossiniri farm presents you their land. This farm has a specific feature, it is located in the high mountains to ensure the best possible lifestyle for the cows and sheep throughout the year.

It is a life choice for the whole family to follow the flock through the seasons. It is an itinerant farm with 4 transhumances on 3 sites; the sheepfold in the valley at Accous, the intermediate estive at 1100 metres and the high estive at 1600 metres in Borce. It is by respecting this way of life that the family accompanies the 400 ewes and 12 cows throughout the year towards the best grass as it grows.

The Ossiniri farm produces 3 types of cheese: pure sheep cheese, cow cheese and mixed cow-sheep cheese. You can visit the farm all year round by appointment.