Discovering the Kofu Garden

October 5, 2022
The Garden of Kofu

About Kofu Garden

Also called the Garden of Serenity, it is certainly the most beautiful public garden in Pau. It takes its name from the Japanese city of Kofu with which Pau is twinned and became in 2005 the symbol of the agreement between these two cities. The Garden of Kofu has been realized jointly by landscape designers of both cities, to celebrate the 30 years of agreement between Kofu and Pau.

Situated in a location overlooking Bizanos, the park offers a breathtaking view of the Pyrenean mountain range. The choice of location for this garden was not left to chance either. Installing the garden on the "sublime terrace" of Pau was a way for the designers to honor the city of Kofu as well as the style of Japanese gardens, in their way of glorifying nature and the mountain.

What is there?

The garden has a square shape and is protected by canisses on 3 sides. The last side offers a majestic view of the Pyrenees. The garden was created in a Japanese style, according to the design guide for green spaces: Sakuteï-Ki. The garden recreates spaces and scenes typical of the Japanese mountains, near Kofu. A stream meanders on a bed of local slate stones.

The intermingling of stones and plants, artificially aged, evoke the atmosphere of a high mountain forest.

Three spaces are particularly noteworthy in the Kofu garden.

The first one is located at the entrance. It is composed of azaleas, an emblematic plant of Kofu and its surroundings, as well as rocks and a memorial stone. The whole being an allusion to Mount Fuji.

The second refers to the high altitude forests and the Chosen Kyo Mountains. This area is darker than the previous one, with the redwoods casting their shadow on the garden.

Finally, the largest area is dedicated to the dragon-shaped river, flowing from East to West. Nothing is left to chance, the base of the river looks like a spring, reminding once again the mountains it symbolizes. The stones are arranged in "crane" and "turtle".

Hikes from Kofu Garden

THE "V 81" FROM Pau to Lourdes :

The path follows the Gave de Pau and continues in the Hautes-Pyrénées, from Béarn to Bigorre. The hike starts along the river on a quiet path for hikers and cyclists. It is a trail for everyone, to be done on foot or by bike.

Through the royal capital :

As you walk, dive into the heart of the city of Pau and its 9 centuries of history. You will fully enjoy its flowered streets and the art of living of the city.

Parks and gardens on the west side:

Pau has been awarded the "4 flowers" title for several years, notably for its green spaces. Stroll along the castle and the paths of the King to discover the city differently.